Clay Shooting.

Here at Pinewoods, we have Clay disciplines and targets to suit every one from the youngest beginner, to the professional clay shooter, or the discerning game shooter.

Shoot Layouts

English Sporting.
English Sporting is a popular clay shooting discipline. It has no set rules regarding target speed, trajectory, angle, distance or elevation and will be different at every shooting ground.
Sporting was originally intended to replicate live quarry shooting and appeals to both clay pigeon shooters and game shooters alike.
Sporting layouts tend to be spread around a countryside setting to allow targets to be presented emerging from trees, bushes and banks.
A set number of targets will be given from a number of shooting stands throughout an area. Shooting stands / cages are used to ensure guns can only swing through a safe arc of fire.

FITASC (Federation Internationale de Tir Aux Sportives de Chasse) An extreme variation on English sporting Clays.

Various Sporting Compacts

Our Sporting clays are changed regularly to vary the targets.

A skeet layout, and Automated Ball Trap/Down The Line.
Skeet Shooting originates from America and involves two traps throwing two consistent targets.
English Skeet involves participants shooting at the targets from a number of shooting stands set out in a semicircle between the two trap houses.
The traps throw the clays to cross each other almost at the centre of the semicircle.

All disciplines per 25birds/clays
£6.00 for members
£6.50 non members

Membership is £30.00 per year.